Dream... Build... Disrupt...

We dream your dream to build technology products that disrupt the world.

Who we are?

A place where Possibilities turn into Realities..

Flexible Softwares is an IT solutions & services company with a focus on digital technologies. Flexible Softwares uses the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital technologies to unlock the potential of businesses across verticals.

We focus on serving the Enterprise, ISV and Startup segments across the Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Education, Healthcare & Financial Services domains. Headquartered in Pune, India.

Our Mission


Don’t looks out for just a service vendor, look out for partner who can understand your vision, your company and your industry. Digital transformation is never a one stop but a journey and you can count on us to be at each steps to execute your strategy and quality solution delivery. 

We believe to put our 200% in whatever we do…

our mission


Every project is unique. We start with getting know as much as possible about customer, project, road-map, vision. We believe that it’s very important to understand the problem from every angle before we try to solve the problem. Once the problem is understood,we find the best possible solution to a problem and explore all possible options.

We believe that successful relationships start with trust. We believe in our core values Transparency, Truth, Trust, Teamwork. So at any point of time, you’ll always know exact

status and where are we heading. Every project is allocated a project manager or single point of contact to keep things on target and keep you informed.

We prefer to follow Agile methodology rather than Waterfall model. Agile is a methodology that involves Iteration of Continuous Integration Continuous delivery. As customer you get to see what has been developed and correct the directions at the right time, if required.

Our Core Values

Dassault Enovia PLM Services - flexiblesoftwares


You know it..You see it..

Dassault Enovia PLM Services - flexiblesoftwares


Nothing less that the Truth.

Dassault Enovia PLM Services - flexiblesoftwares


Long Term relationship based on mutual Turst

Dassault Enovia PLM Services - flexiblesoftwares


Extended team for you to achieve Synergy.

You have a vision

We have a Way to Get You there